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    The company's successful independent research and development of Biteman desiccant cartridge(or module) dryers, high-efficiency precision filters and other products have won more than 85 domestic and international patents, filling the domestic gap of this technology in one fell swoop, becoming the few in the world with many Equipment manufacturer of intellectual property and patented technology. As a key support enterprise of Shenzhen Municipal Government and Bao'an District Government, Biteman Tech Products have been exhibited in Shenzhen Industrial Museum as Shenzhen advanced technology products.



    Over the years, with its excellent equipment performance, ultra-low energy consumption ratio and extraordinary stability, Biteman desiccant dryer has won the recognition and full affirmation of five major power groups, like BYD automobile, Gree Electric, Emmett electric, Shennan Circuit, P&G and many other customers.

Global Initiative

    A number of patent technologies developed by Biteman science and technology, such as split flow technology of inlet and outlet buffer chamber, multi-mode group convection adsorption and regeneration technology, independent and detachable replacement technology of adsorption mold core, inlet heat exchange and cooling technology of buffer chamber, regeneration instantaneous emission technology, open design technology of new filter element, integrated drainage technology, etc., are the world's first. Biteman core dryer and high efficiency precision filter not only provide technical guarantee for completely solving the problems of water, oil and dust in compressed air, but also greatly reduce the energy consumption compared with traditional purification equipment.

    In 2009, Biteman Tech won the Innovation Award in the first national innovation and entrepreneurship competition under the guidance of the Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission, and jointly sponsored by the Shenzhen municipal government and the torch high technology industry development center of the Ministry of science and technology.



Technology star

    In 2019, Mr. Guo Yinghui, the core technology leader and general manager of Biteman Tech, was awarded the honorary title of "star of science and technology" at the 16th China Scientists Forum. At present, Biteman Tech has established a good cooperative relationship with relevant academic units and experts, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Engineering Thermal Physics, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Shenzhen University, Standardization Research Institute of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of technical supervision, etc.


Purifying ComAir Dryer

    In 2019, Biteman successfully launched a new generation of compressed air post-processing equipment, one-stop solution to compressed air pre-cooling, oil removal, dust removal, water removal and on-site pipeline installation and other issues --- integrated drying and purification machine Networked system.

    The advent of this model has attracted the attention of the industry, and has successfully applied for patent protection in multiple countries. The new generation model has the advantages of low pressure dew point, long-term stability, integrated integration, small footprint, DRAC energy saving, and convenient maintenance and replacement. On the core technical index of "pressure dew point", it broke the monopoly of foreign brands and reached the world's top level (-80 ℃ td), becoming a Chinese business card for high-end domestic automation equipment.

Our Services: To provide customers with the world's most advanced compressed air drying and purification equipment, precision filters and complete sets of drying and purification solutions

Aim of Biteman: All for better production




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