Talent Strategy

Technology talents

Scientific Talent View

Talent is not the cost of the company, but the capital of the company, which is the core resource of the company. Only the development of talents can promote the development of the company. It is the core mission of the company to set up a stage for talents to realize their own values and to establish a win-win system and culture for both employees and the company.

Science and technology is the only talent, not only academic qualifications; Pay attention to the continuous improvement ability of talents, dilute the background and origin of talents;

Under the premise of agreeing with the company's mission and strategy, we require talents to have a strong sense of responsibility and a positive attitude.

Have the consciousness of customer service, the cost consciousness of market competition; Good communication skills and perseverance.


Salary and Reward

Performance-based compensation and incentives:

The practice of competition for posts, more work more gain, to provide multiple job options, can work in different positions at different stages, to achieve personal development;

Diversified training, abundant technical training materials and management training materials to rapidly improve professional skills;

Performance management;

Offer challenging positions and salaries

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