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A,heated,Auto-purge,PDP-40 ℃ -
A,heated,Auto-purge,PDP-40 ℃

Flowrate from 1.5Nm3/min to 46.5Nm3/min(53cfm to 1640cfm)

Pressure dew point : -40 ℃  /-40 °F

Purge air                    :2%

-Purge air auto-control,built-in dew point sensor

-Dew point,Pressure and temperature digital display on screen

-Biteman self-design microprocessor control system

-Full functions touch control
-Friendly interface for easy operation
-Constant Pressure dew point

-2% purge air without any blower and vacuum equipment
-Purge air auto-control,built-in dewpoint sensor
-The lowest operation cost,huge energy saving
-Compact structure with certain independent and replaceable desiccant units(cartridges)
-Replace with factory filled desiccant units,ease of maintenance and constant pressure dew point
-1/3 dimension to traditional dryer,easy transportation and installation
-The shortest downtime
-Use high effecient Molecular sieve as desiccant