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   Shenzhen Biteman Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of design and production of compressed air purification equipment. The Biteman series products produced by the company are: high-efficiency precision filters, modular adsorption dryers, mold core dryers and so on. Among them, the modular adsorption dryer has obtained the national patent (appearance patent number: ZL 2006 30019980.6; utility model patent number: ZL2006 20017361.8), which is the exclusive production of our company in China. The high-efficiency precision filter has applied for a national patent (patent application number: 200720171525.7). The Biteman series products produced by our company are widely used in metallurgy, automotive, petrochemical rubber, light textile chemical fiber, paint spraying, aerospace, electronics, instrumentation , Semiconductor, liquid crystal module, medical equipment, food, power and other industries.

     Compressed air system purification is the product of scientific and technological progress and vigorous development of manufacturing enterprises. It is a subject that every developing enterprise must face and perfect. It not only improves the product quality, improves the equipment operation efficiency, prolongs the equipment service life and so on, but also brings the direct economic benefits to the enterprise. Whether it is perfect or not will become one of the important signs of the enterprise image.

   At present, the vast majority of enterprises do not install adsorption dryer, which has great market potential. This series of products are at the leading level in China and have strong competitiveness in the market. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and joint development, the series of products produced by our company can bring you rich profit returns.

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