Consumables Solutions

Pre-sale technical support for the overall solution of the compressed air system: To help you build a more complete compressed air post-processing purification system, our (Biteman) business staff will provide free on-site dew point detection service before the plan is made, and According to the customer's specific industry application requirements, plan the most suitable solution to the problem; another professional technician is selected to carry out technical exchanges and technical communication. In-sale service tracking: In the process of equipment manufacturing, we carefully implement the ISO9001 quality system manufacturing requirements and strictly control every manufacturing link.

            Compressed Air System Overall Solution

Pre-sales technical support

   In order to help you establish a more complete post-treatment and purification system of compressed air, our business personnel (Biteman) will provide free on-site dew point detection service before making the scheme, and plan the most appropriate problem-solving solution according to the specific industry application requirements of customers; in addition, we will select professional technical personnel for technical exchange and technical communication.

On-sale service tracking

     In the process of equipment manufacturing, the requirements of ISO9001 quality system shall be strictly implemented and each manufacturing link shall be strictly controlled. Carefully do the routine inspection, electrical operation experiment, stability operation experiment, air tightness test, etc.

After sales value-added service

    For the purchase of Biteman’s core dryer and high-efficiency precision filter products, we shall comply with the standard configuration requirements of our company (Biteman) for air pressure post-treatment, with perfect system configuration; strictly follow the relevant product guidelines and instructions to standardize the operation, regularly maintain and replace the original supplies of Biteman customers, in order to ensure the long-term, stable and effective operation of the equipment and the interests of customers, Our company (Biteman) will provide free maintenance service for life.

    Note: Consumables include adsorption mold core (three years), filter element (P, u, h-level filter element with service life of one year, f-level filter element with service life of 6000-8000h), muffler (one year), control filter core (one year) and solenoid valve muffler.

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