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Company Profile

BITEMAN technology co., LTD was established in June 2006,the biggest and the best well-known Modular desiccant air dryer in China.BITEMAN successfully develop Modular and Modular-units desiccant air dryer,high precision compressed air filter and other products, has won 51 patents of domestic and international,the technology in this field to become the world's few with independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology equipment manufacturers.General manager Mr Guo should glow in the ninth session of Chinese scientists in the BBS was awarded the honorary title of "star of science and technology" (2012).BITEMAN technology products have been as shenzhen advanced technology products in shenzhen industrial achievements exhibition exhibited abroad.

BITEMAN technology has always been adhering to the "let China become a manufacturing powerhouse is no longer a dream" of the enterprise vision, leading the technology revolution in the field of special compressed air purification. Through ten years of efforts and innovation, and formed a series of leading core technology system, which developed into, the buffer cavity shunt technology, many modules convection adsorption and regeneration technology,desiccant cartridge independent removable replacement technology, buffer chamber inlet heat exchange cooling technology, instantaneous discharge technology;Filter element Bottom-open technology, integrated drainage technology with zero air loss.

Over the years, BITEMAN for its excellent treatment effect, low energy consumption ratio,new Modular-units dryer achieve only 2% to 5% purge air loss,constant PDP -20 deg.C to -70 deg C,now BITEMAN become the biggest supplier of Modular air dryer in China,we are confident that for its huge energy saving ,it will be more popular in global world.