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Company Culture

Shenzhen BITEMAN Technology co., LTD is a state-level High-tech enterprise specializing in R&D,design and production of advanced Modular units compressed air dryer and filter. With years of of efforts,we have successfully and originally developed first Modular units desiccant air dryer which use absolutely different structure to achieve more energy saving and more low and constant dewpoint,Biteman filter adopt opened bottom’s structure which discharge filtered waste immediately by high pressure flow.

Biteman have gained tens of patents ,honors and awards in China and US,such as, BITEMAN air inlet and outlet buffer cavity streaming system and multiple modular convection adsorption & regeneration technology,small,independent and detachable desiccant chambers,BITEMAN is one of few companies got US patent on dryer and filters.

2% purge air is the best advantages of BITEMAN dryer without any auxiliary vacuum and blower motor and complicate piling installation to save huge air and money,make dryer the lowest  operation cost;Replace with factory filled desiccant chamber to get the most ease of maintenance and keep constant dewpoint.