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Position information

BITEMAN Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 in Shenzhen, China.

The founder has been engaged in the field of compressed air after-processing since 1997, and continues to explore advanced long-term cost-effective post treatment technology. In 2005, a team was set up to research and develop the advanced modular adsorption drying technology in the field of post-treatment, and in 2006, the first new adsorption dryer was developed successfully, bringing innovation to China's post-treatment area. In 2010, our products were awarded "Advanced Industrial Products of Shenzhen" and exhibited in "Exhibition Hall of Industrial Achievements of Shenzhen". In 2011, we successfully innovated and developed a better innovative model: BITEMAN desiccant cartridge adsorption dryer, which surpassed the original modular adsorption dryer technology, marking that BITEMAN Technology has been standing in the forefront of the compressed air after-processing field. And this year, BITEMAN Technology was selected as "China's national High-tech Enterprise".

In 2012, BITEMAN Technology product was selected into "Shenzhen Industrial museum" for permanent exhibition. And in 2014, the company was rated as "Top 100 SMES with Independent Innovation in Shenzhen".

In 2015, the standard of adsorption and drying technology (Guangdong province standard) led by BITEMAN Technology were officially released. And this year, the company obtained the United States invention patent certificate.

In 2018, Atlas Copco, a world-renowned first-class compressor company, visited BITEMAN Technology to discuss cooperation in the field of after-processing.

In 2019, BITEMAN Technology has developed a more advanced post-treatment technology: an all-in-one drying and purification machine, named as BITEMAN purified dryer, which can realize the whole function of the post-treatment system in one stop, and realize a greater innovation in the post-treatment technology of compressed air (the product: BITEMAN purified dryer was awarded the "High-tech product of Guangdong Province")!

So far, BITEMAN Technology has 90 domestic and foreign patents, technology leading in the compressed air after-processing.

BITEMAN advanced technology, compared with the similar technology has the generation difference advantage, can reduce the huge "compressed air" cost for each industrial enterprise, and can improve the quality and efficiency, obtain greater profit space and development power !

Sale promotion of BITEMAN Technology, is a very promising, valuable, good development of the job! It can cut costs, increase profits, improve quality and efficiency for industrial customers! This job can create great value for industrial upgrading and social progress.

BITEMAN technology is now looking for Overseas sales manager.

The basic requirements are:

1. Have modern industrial knowledge, industrial marketing and sales experience, preferably with air compressor related knowledge and resources (better has working experience in the world first-class compressor company, such as Atlas Copco, Sullair, Ingersoll Rand,Hitachi,etc ).

2. Experienced in market development and channel development; Ability to manage project advancement and supporting agents.

3. Strong ambition, willing to work together with the team to create value and wealth.


To be a member of BITEMAN Technology, will be good paid, such as: base salary + commission + year-end bonus. And also will have better opportunities for personal development, and a great future.


If interested, please contact Mr. William, at E-mail: lqb@szbiteman.com, or Tel: +86 755 2757 9401, or Wechat: Wmleng.

Looking forward to your joining. 

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