Biteman meets you at COM VAC ASIA Shanghai Exhibition

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CeMVAC ASIA exhibition of 2019 will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from October 23 to 26, 2019. A new generation of Biteman Purifying ComAir Dryer machine will be presented. Welcome to visit the booth (N3 hall, K2).

With the development of manufacturing technology

The demand for quality of compressed air in industry is increasing

drying and purifying machine

One-stop solution to the compressed air quality standards!

Three integrated systems of Biteman integrated drying and purification machine:

1. Refrigeration and cooling system:

The refrigeration system can effectively reduce the compressed air from high temperature to low temperature, which is conducive to the optimal adsorption mode core. Part of the water is condensed into liquid water due to the reduced temperature. The compression heat of the refrigerant compressor can be used to heat the regenerative air stream and reduce the regenerative energy consumption to the maximum.

2. Mold core adsorption and drying syster:

Mold core adsorption drying system is a unique patented technology of Biteman, featuring high adsorption efficiency, low renewable energy consumption, stable and lasting drying performance, and simple and convenient maintenance.

3. High efficiency and precision filtration system:

The high-efficiency precision filter of air inlet and outlet effectively filters particles and impurities, and the precision of the outlet filter is 0.01. The metal filter screen in the upper and lower air pipes can effectively focus misty oil and water, greatly improving the efficiency of oil and water separation and filtration.

We look forward to meeting you!

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