Biteman meets you at Bao’an New Technology & Product Exhibition

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Biteman meets you at Bao’an New Technology & Product Exhibition


The eighth generation of Biteman Purifying ComAir Dryer will be show you on the New Technology & Products Exhibition that held in Shenzhen bay area from April 16th to 30th (Baoyuan Road, Xixiang street, Bao'an District), welcome to visit 

As manufacturing technology advances

The increasing demand for compressed air quality in the industrial sector

Biteman Purifying ComAir Dryer

Biteman Purifying ComAir Dryer

Integrate three system of Biteman Purifying ComAir Dryer:

1. Refrigerant system:

The refrigeration system can effectively reduce

the inlet gas from high temperature to low

temperature, which is beneficial to adsorption

bed. Part of the moisture is condensed into liquid

water due to the temperature drop.

The compressed heat of the refrigerant compressor

can be used to heat the regeneration gas, so reduce

energy consumption

2. Adsorption system

The modular core adsorption system is

the unique patented technology of Biteman.

It has the characteristics of high adsorption

efficiency, low regeneration energy

consumption, stable and long-lasting

drying , simple and convenient maintenance.

3. Filtration system:

Inlet and outlet are equipped high-

efficiency precision filters to remove

particle effectively, the inlet and outlet

filter accuracy is 0.01μ, also the metal filter

net inside the upper and lower air pipes

can effectively collect the misty oil and

water, greatly improving the separation

efficiency of oil and water filtration. 


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