How to improve the service life of compressed air dryer

2020-12-01 15:51:24 Compressor 6

To maintain a good smooth state of the compressed air dryer, it is necessary to select a suitable smoothing agent and control the amount of smoothing oil to make the amount of smoothing oil in the cylinder moderate. Regularly check the quality of lubricating oil in air compressors with stable performance, and change lubricating oil regularly to improve the smoothing effect, so that the exhaust temperature does not exceed the standard rules. Here is how to improve the service life of compressed air dryer?

How to improve the service life of compressed air dryer

1. Regularly remove stains

The compressed air dryer adopts a high-efficiency air filter to prevent foreign matter from entering the pipe network and remove the dirt in the filter in time. Frequently drain the cooler, air storage tank, and oil-water separator to ensure the smooth flow of the system. Under normal conditions, the gas flow rate should not be lower than the standard in the pipeline from the compressed air dryer to the cooler. Enhancing operation management requires pre-job training for operators. Only after passing the assessment can they take the post and urge them to strictly follow the operating procedures to prevent accidents. After energy-saving transformation of the traditional air compressor, the air pressure output of the air compressor can match the air volume required by the user's air system, complete the constant pressure air supply, and start operation to reduce the impact on the air compressor and other electrical equipment Strengthen the stability of the air compressor, reduce electrical energy expenditure, and complete the energy saving and consumption reduction of the air compressor.


2. Enhanced pipe network maintenance

The air storage tank, gas pipeline and other parts of the compressed air dryer should be properly rust-proofed to avoid contamination by corrosive substances. Regularly check the rust of the pipe network, and if the rust is severe, stop the rust removal treatment first, and then take certain anti-rust measures. Improve and adjust safety devices such as safety valves, alarms, and pressure regulators to ensure reliable operation. Once the operating parameters exceed the standard, it can take off, alarm or stop automatically. The working method of power frequency control determines that the loading and unloading valve must repeat the action .

All in all, to improve the service life of compressed air dryer requires regular stain removal and enhanced pipe network maintenance. As society develops and progresses from time to time, energy conservation and emission reduction have become more and more a topic of concern. Especially in the industrial field, all companies are actively taking effective energy-saving measures. As the foundation product of industrial modernization, the compressed air dryer praised by everyone is an indispensable mechanical equipment in enterprise consumption.

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