Why compressed air should be dried ?

2021-06-28 15:35:25 郭朝芳 3

As we know that compressed air is hot and contains a large amount of water vapour, this will condense into liquid water when the compressed air cools as it travels through the system. 

It will then mix with solid dirt particles from the atmosphere, compressor, the compressed air pipework and distribution system.

Oil liquid and aerosols from atmosphere and the compressor lubricant will turn it into an unmanageable oil emulsion which must be discharged and disposed of without detriment to the environment.


This conglomerate of contamination will cause major problems with downstream compressed air equipment and manufactured products it comes into contact with.

Efficient drying and appropriate filtration of the compressed air will remove the water vapour, dirt particles and oil contaminants providing a clean dry compressed air for point of use applications.


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