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2017 Second Term Bao’an Expo will Approach soon, Biteman Modular-units Dryer First Appear Here

2017 second term Bao'an Industry Development Expo (hereinafter refers to "Bao’an Fair") is coming soon, it's hosted by the people's government of bao'an district, shenzhen city, and jointly undertaken by bao'an district economic promotion bureau, bao'an district industrial investment service co., ltd., shenzhen logistics and supply chain management association.

It is reported that the current bao’an fair will add No.6 Hall except original No. 1 Hall , it comprehensively display economic development results of baoan society. It will continue to adhere to the principle "corporate participate in exhibition, government hold the meeting " to highlight exhibition features "internationalization, specialization, branding, marketization" , aiming at create an integrative industry event of whole industry, fully demonstrate developmental achievements of bao'an district to promote investment and industrial restructuring and upgrading in baoan district.

No.1 Hall is the Baoan intelligentized manufacture hall, highlighting Baoan intelligent manufacturing industry, and creating new benchmark "Shenzhen quality, Baoan initelligent made" ; No. 6 Hall is the Baoan image hall, mainly reflects soft power of Baoan from urban construction, business environment, humanities, medical, education, above two hall display global influence of the modern internationalization  Binhai Baoan, the quality and innovative industrial city with a full combination.

As a national high-tech enterprise(shenzhen biteman technology co.,ltd), it engages in research &development, production and sales of compressed air purification equipment in Baoan District. it has been successfully research and develop biteman modular-units adsorption dryer, high precision filter and other products, and has received 51 item domestic and international patent. shenzhen biteman technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refers to "biteman") show great enthusiasmfor this feast.

Modular-units adsorption dryer is divided into general models, advanced models and the latest products ---Zhaoyu dryer, different models has relatively different function, while main product features is the same"high efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, lasting". the theme of current Bao’an Fair is "energy saving", it coincide with the concept of biteman product.

In addition, the current Bao’an Fair will be held "theSecond Term made in China 2025 and Baoan Industrial Transformation and Upgrade Forum" and "the Second Term Modern Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation and Development Forum", inviting the top think tank at home and abroad as guest speaker to create high-end authoritative interactive platform.

July 27th ,2017~ July 29th,2017, bao’an expo Fair will bring us unparalleled Baoan industry feast last for three days at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, adding the new multiple highlights and new games, I believe that it’s worthwhile coming!