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Why is Much Better for Stability of Modular-units Adsorption Dryer?

The stability of dryer determines the quality of gas side compressed air and the stability of entire compressed air system to enhance production process of the product.

Poor stability(PDP) of twin towers adsorption dryer: uneven distribution of airflow, the existence of adsorption dead angle, the "tunnel effect" and untight filling of secondary replacement of the adsorbent other factors.

Good stability of modular-units adsorption dryer

1. The new dual-axis air intake cylinder: achieve independent control of air intake and exhaust, pressure plate is clockwise seal, the cylinder does not bear load, failure rate is low;

2. Overall replacement of adsorption system (modular-units independent replacement): there is no need to fill the adsorbent on-site, the adsorbent layer is much closer and continuous stability after replacement ;

3. Super strength aluminum alloy profiles of the whole body : high security.

Effect comparison of adsorption dryer after replacing adsorbent

Ordinary Adsorption dryer

Modular-units Adsorption Dryer

Biteman modular-units desiccant dryer and high precision filter---which is not only provide technical support for completely solving the water, oil, dust in compressed air and other issues, and also greatly reduce energy consumption much than traditional purification equipment. Heat-less models need 5% regeneration gas consumption, micro-heat models only need 2%  re-gas consumption, greatly reducing  energy consumption and production costs.