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Zhaoyu Dryer - saving 50% energy than traditional purification equipment, comprehensive energy consumption can be reduced to below 2%

With the proposal of "Made in China 2025", modern industry has entered a stage of rapid development, but it will become more severe for environmental pollution, energy consumption and other issues. more specific, as compressed air is the one of industrial energy, in latter part of purification process how to ensure that equipment can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection under normal operation.

Such as traditional purification equipment (here refers to refrigeration dryer), cooling method of refrigeration dryer is divided into air-cooled, water-cooled. Humid and high temperature compressed air flow into the front cooler (high temperature type), then into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with cool air discharged from the evaporator after losing heat, so that the temperature of compressed air can be reduced into evaporator. 

No matter whether precooler, heat exchanger, evaporator or moisture separator etc. the energy consumption is very large in whole process, when pressure dew point  reach +15 ℃ and above, most refrigeration dryer is about 6% energy consumption. At the same time, the gas will destroy atmosphere layer, causing great environmental pollution due to using refrigerant (Freon) to refrigerate.

The latest technology purification equipment (here refers to Zhaoyu dryer), energy consumption of zhaoyu dryer is almost negligible in adsorption process, gas consumption of regeneration process is the main energy consumption in whole  process. when pressure dew point stably reach +10 ℃ or below, the energy consumption is only about 2%, or even less. It increase utilization rate of adsorbent, avoid unnecessary waste for the enterprise, and being more in line with current concept of energy saving and environmental protection. compared with traditional purification equipment, its energy consumption only account for 50%, and won’t cause pollution to environment.

Any product application and promotion should be in line with current background, then make it go further. refrigeration dryer is widely used in the market, but the technology is backward, so many companies only can choose it. with the continuous progress of technology, I believe that the refrigeration dryer will gradually recede, more energy saving and environment friendly dryer will become the next star on dryer market, such as the emergence of Zhaoyu dryer.