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How much water is in compressed air?

Ambient air contain water in different form,liquid,moisture,vapour,aerosol,compressor draw it and compress it into high pressure compressed air to downstream,what dryer can help completely to remove water,can refrigerated dryer do it? or have to use desiccant regenerative dryer?Let's take a look belwo table to find out how much water in your compressed air pipeline.

It is impossible to imagine present-day production and process sequences without compressed air. As modern day industries are increasingly imposing ever high quality demands, it is not just a matter of producing certain quantity of compressed air but also of confirming with defined purity criteria.

The compressed air produced by the compressor contains a certain amount of relative humidity that could still condense.

A compressor that produces 20 m3/min at 7 bar, working 8 hours at 75%, taking in air at 20°C and 70% relative humidity, sends about 165 liters of water into the line. That is huge,it absolutely leads to big trouble to production process,failure of finish product,it must be removed before reach air tooling and touch your products.

Can refrigerated dryer do it? the answer is "not" ,because this type dryer can only achieve PDP 20 Deg C. or little lower than it,there are still huge water in your pipeline.Nowaday,Most industries request pressure dew point (PDP) -40 Celsius degress ,it can only be done by desiccant adsorption dryer.