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How to Achieve 5% Purge for Heatless Modular Desiccant Air Dryer

With the innovative technology, Biteman brings its modular unit desiccant air dryer to achieve 5% purge for heatless series at -40℉PDP, 7-10 Bar, 100℉ inlet temperature. Below are the reasons:

1. Advance Design for Inlet/outlet Air Distribution

Distribution low manifold buffers the inlet air and distributes it evenly; high manifold gathers the outlet air and makes the pressurestably.Pressure loss less than 0.12 Bar.

2. Patent Modular Units Design

Patent design of modular units, easy to replace and maintain, equal Cross Section with sieve, scattered convection makes air go through adsorption material evenly without blind area, while traditional twin tower dryers are small inlet/outlet and big tank body, ratio is 1:20.

3. Adopt Molecular Sieve as Adsorbent

Molecular sieve is better than activated alumina in static adsorption capacity of water at different temperature; moreover, smaller makes molecular sieve filled more compactly; and guarantee the same performance as new after replacing modular units filled with molecular sieve in factory already.

4. The Shortest Discharge Channel and Two High Flow Drainages

The shortest discharge channel design makes PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) instant desorption ratio above 80%, the fastest speed of air flow discharge, which means it requires less purge air for regeneration; two high flow drainages distribute air flow symmetrically and speed it up, improve the capacity of forcing waterseparate from adsorbent.

5. Powerful Automatic Control System

Dewpoint and regenerated air automatic control system makes itsmarter, powerful, and energy-saving; there is automatic adjustment between purge air and dew point.

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