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Yutong Bus Replace Ingersoll Rand Twin Tower Dryer with Biteman Modular Air Dryer

Yutong Bus Company, a large-scale modern manufacturing company specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of bus products in China, currently applied Biteman modular air dryer to replace Ingersoll Rand twin tower dryer.

According to the demand of high quality (-40℉) of compressor air for bus manufacturing, Yutong used to adopt famous brand IR as it’s compressor air system,“it’s ok at thebeginning, but the problems will show up when maintenance and affecting performance after adsorption material replacement of twin tower dryer, also energy consumption is a big concern for large factory to care about”, said Yutong Bus.

With the advantages in:

1. Excellent performance, consistence dew point at-40℉

2. High efficiency in energy saving;only5% purgeair

3. Easy to maintain, only replace modular units with adsorption material which filled in factory already

4. No cost for annual pressure vessel inspection

5. Half size and weight of traditional twin tower dryer

Biteman modular air dryer solves those problems of twin tower dryer very well, and it’s a good beginning between Yutong Bus and Biteman to replace those twin tower dryers stage by stage.

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