Compressed air power system energy consumption and quality monitoring platform

Real-time IoT monitoring ensures continuous and stable compressed air quality, timely Fault detection and Resolultion, and improved production system safety

Why you need the IOT

Advanced compressed air drying and purification equipment + IOT for air quality to solve your worries

  • Device performance cannot be monitored and management is difficult

    Traditional equipment does not support the mathematical display of equipment performance, managers can not know the specific situation and real-time operating status of each equipment, can not predict when consumables need to be replaced, resulting in difficult equipment maintenance and management.

  • High labor cost

    With the advent of the era of automated production, the number of advanced equipment increases, putting forward higher requirements for the equipment management level of enterprises, equipment Internet of things can help enterprises reduce the number of employees, improve the quality of employment, and reduce the cost of employment.

  • Low work efficiency

    Once the equipment fails, the communication with the supplier is mostly telephone or paper feedback of the equipment situation or demand, which is inefficient and asymmetric information. Equipment Internet of Things can achieve after-sales online service, convenient and efficient.

  • High safety risk, affecting production

    Traditional equipment does not support fault warning, once there is an emergency failure or shutdown, not only will produce safety risks, but also not timely repair will directly affect production.

  • Data is unknown, can not analyze the overall business situation of the enterprise

    It is impossible to monitor the energy consumption and gas quality data of each equipment, and it is difficult to trace the problems of equipment or production. If energy saving transformation is needed, there is no way to start.

  • Human operation, equipment performance varies

    Human-operated equipment is highly arbitrary, and the working time of Each Piece Of Equipment varies greatly, which affects the Life Of the equipment.

  • Compressed air power system energy consumption and quality monitoring platform

  • Save time

    Digital Station

    Intelligent diagnosis, reducing operation and maintenance costs by 10-30%

  • Have Nothing to Worry

    Reliable air quality

    Compressed air quality continues to be stable

  • Save Effort

    Preventive Maintenance

    Intelligent reminder, reduce labor hours by ≥50%

  • Save Money

    Reduce manufacturing energy consumption

    Lower cost, profit contribution rate of 3-5%

  • Enter the IOT
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