Biteman's 18 years of brand precipitation has quickly seized the market.

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Huge market potential, mutual benefit and joint development

At present, the vast majority of enterprises have not installed adsorption dryers, which have huge market potential. This series of products is at a relatively high level in China and has strong competitiveness in the market.

In line with the principle of mutual benefit and common development, the series of products produced by our company can bring huge profits to your company.

We look forward to you walking hand in hand with us to help you get a shortcut to the door of wealth, are you ready?

Compressed air system purification is the product of scientific and technological progress and the vigorous development of manufacturing enterprises. It is a topic that every developing enterprise needs to face and improve.

It not only brings direct economic benefits to enterprises in terms of improving product quality, improving equipment operating efficiency, and extending equipment service life, but also whether it is perfect or not will also become one of the important symbols of corporate image.

18 years of industry focus, joining Biteman is more secure

Biteman Technology has successfully developed the inlet and outlet buffer cavity shunt technology, multi-module convective adsorption and regeneration technology, independent detachable replacement technology of adsorption core, buffer cavity intake heat exchange and cooling technology, regeneration instantaneous discharge technology, new filter element A number of patented technologies such as open design technology and integrated drainage technology are global originals.

Three cores to help you quickly seize the market

Industry advanced technology, with strong market competitiveness

  • Reduce the cost of damage and become the pure profit of the enterprise

    Provides high-quality compressed air with long-term stability and pressure dew point <-40~-70℃; 1 cycle of adsorption consumables can be effective for 3 to 5 years, and 3 cycles of adsorption consumables can be up to more than 10 years;

  • The total life cycle cost is lower in the world

    The 10-year total life cycle total cost (including: initial purchase cost, installation cost, energy cost, consumable cost, and other costs; can include the cost of damage to the gas process of the customer's enterprise) is the lowest in the world;

  • The world's best environmental friendliness

    It does not bring customers the trouble of replacing adsorbents and does not bring environmental problems to customers; at the same time, it solves the problem of annual inspection of pressure vessels and annual inspection costs caused by the original double-tower adsorption machine;

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