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SANY Vehicle completed the retrofit to the compressed air post-treatment equipments

Time: Jun 22, 2022 From: Biteman TechnologyClick: 2071

  Recently, Biteman Technology's desiccant dryer was successfully delivered to SANY Vehicle , Affected by the performance of the equipment itself, the problem of water content in the compressed air used by SANY Automobile could not be effectively dealt with for a long time. After two months of inspection and multiple screening, the drying and purification solution of Biteman Technology finally stood out.


About SANY

  SANY Group was founded in 1989. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the company's vision and built a well-known "SANY" brand. Become the world's leading equipment manufacturing enterprises. SANY is also one of the first batch of pilot demonstration enterprises of "intelligent manufacturing" in China.



  The main business of SANY is the equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of "engineering", covering the whole series of products such as concrete machinery, excavation machinery, hoisting machinery, road construction machinery, piling machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery, petroleum equipment, coal equipment, precision machine tools, etc. At present, SANY Excavating Machinery, Piling Machinery, Crawler Lifting Machinery, Mobile Port Machinery, Road Machinery and Coal Excavating Machinery are Chinese brands, while Concrete Machinery is a global brand. Based on the main business of equipment manufacturing, SANY Group is vigorously developing new businesses such as new energy, finance and insurance, housing industrialization, industrial Internet, military industry, fire protection, environmental protection and so on. At present, SANY has become a provider of wind power complete solutions and renewable clean energy in China, as well as a mature PC complete assembly provider in China. In addition, Shugen Internet's "GenCloud" platform has become one of the three major industrial Internet platforms in China.


Before post-processing transformation

Before SANY Automobile’s compressed air dewatering equipment is refrigerated dryer, and this equipment is based on the principle of cold and heat exchange. The process can only achieve PDP 2-10 ℃, which can only play the role of cooling and preliminary dewatering. It cannot completely remove liquid and gaseous water.



(Before post-treatment transformation)


Working principle of refrigerated dryer

The refrigeration system of the refrigeration dryer belongs to compression refrigeration, which is composed of four basic components: refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve. They are connected in turn by pipes to form a closed system. The refrigerant continuously circulates in the system, changes its state, and exchanges heat with the compressed air and cooling medium. Its working process is shown as below:



About the PDP of the Refrigerated air dryer

Subject to the limitation of the "freezing point" of water, theoretically the lowest pressure dew point temperature that the dryer can reach should be 0°C. On the product samples of different manufacturers, the "pressure dew point" of the dryer has many different labels: 0℃, 1℃, 1.6 or 1.7℃ (35F), 2℃, 3℃, 2-10℃, etc. . So what is the dew point temperature that the cold dryer can reach during actual operation?
We know that the "pressure dew point" of the refrigeration dryer is limited by three conditions, namely:

(1) Restricted by freezing of condensed water;

(2) The heat exchange area of the evaporator cannot be increased indefinitely (there is a temperature difference between the compressed air and the refrigerant);

(3) The efficiency of gas-water separation is less than 100%.

In actual operation, the pressure dew point temperature of the compressed air is reasonable and scientific at 2-10℃, but the refrigeration dryer is also greatly affected by the ambient temperature, especially in the summer high temperature conditions, the pressure dew point of most refrigeration dryers Above +20°C, this is the main reason for the large amount of liquid water at the gas end of the workshop.


Customer Pain points

(1) The quality of compressed air is not standard, which seriously affects production efficiency;

(2) The presence of liquid water in the air points in the workshop seriously affects the product quality;

(3) Pneumatic equipment has a high failure rate and high maintenance costs;

(4) The quality of compressed air is not up to standard, which is not conducive to safe production;



Adding four sets of Biteman desiccant air dryers on the basis of the original post-treatment equipment,it can deeply remove water, oil and dust, so that the quality of compressed air can continue to meet the standards and fully meet the requirements of the production process.


The effect after the transformation

(1)PDP: continuously stable below -45°C

(2) Ensure that there is no liquid water in the workshop under any working conditions to ensure safe production;

(3) The product qualified rate increased by more than 4.5%.

(4) The failure rate of pneumatic equipment is reduced by more than 60%;



(Status after transformation)


About Biteman

   Shenzhen, Biteman has successfully developed Modular adsorption dryer and Desiccant cartridge dryer, high precision compressed air filter and other products, which has won over 100 domestic and International patents, filled the technology gap in China, and become one of the few equipment manufacturers with many independent intellectual property rights and patented technologies in the field of compressed air post-treatment in the world. As a key enterprise valued by the Shenzhen Government and the Bao'an District Government, Biteman company' products have been displayed as the advanced technology products in the Shenzhen Industrial Museum.In 2019, Biteman Purifying air dryer was rated as "High-tech Products in Guangdong Province".


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